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We like to see your smile and want to keep it looking great for years to come. Our entire team at Seattle’s Family Dentist is dedicated to making this a reality, and that’s why we offer a wide range of services that target all ages and situations.

Everything comes from our general dentistry services such as periodic cleanings, x-rays, and other associated services. We help get kids started in the right direction with proper brushing techniques and more, follow them through the teenage years as they grow into adults, and even help those who are in their senior years to have proper dental care.

We encourage preventative care to catch issues early and can help with cosmetic dental problems such as teeth whitening and more. When issues arise, such as root canals, bridges, implants, and more, we’re right there to help with a plan of action to get your smile back.

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Dentist, Dental Office, General Dentistry, & Teeth Cleaning in Seattle, WA

Dentist, Dental Office, General Dentistry, & Teeth Cleaning

Having a dental appointment can be an ordeal, but it really should be a time for getting your teeth clean and understanding what dental procedures may help you. We like to get to know our patients with a teeth cleaning that allows us to see any issues clearly and understand what past dental work you may have had. We would love to show you our office as well and answer your questions as education about our practices and instruments helps to demystify the dental office. We’ll start with a cleaning and then we can discuss other issues that you may want to know about.

Dental Procedures Teeth Cleaning

Kids Dentist, Children's Dentist, & Family Dentistry in Seattle, WA

Kids Dentist, Children’s Dentist, & Family Dentistry

Like many things in life, if you can get a child to have good dental habits those will likely follow them for the rest of their lives, and this can mean a big difference in their teeth health as well as general oral health. We provide dentistry for children that can help to correct issues while their adult teeth are coming in, such as straightening teeth and other options. We provide family dentistry to all ages, from the young to those in their senior years. They all have different needs and we can help to take care of your teeth throughout your life.

Kids Dentist Family Dentistry

Emergency Dentist, Emergency Dental Office, & Emergency Tooth Extraction in Seattle, WA

Emergency Dentist, Emergency Dental Office, & Emergency Tooth Extraction

People like to engage in many different activities, from just enjoying a drive to playing sports and everything in between. Sometimes these activities have accidents that require some emergency dentist services and we’ll make room for you. Other times you have an issue with a tooth where it becomes infected and it might result in an emergency tooth extraction. Whatever your issues are, our emergency dental office is ready to spring into action and provide you with the dental services required to stop the pain and get you back to living life.

Emergency Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry, Professional Teeth Whitening, Teeth Whitening Services, & Teeth Whitening Dentist in Seattle, WA

Cosmetic Dentistry, Professional Teeth Whitening, Teeth Whitening Services, & Teeth Whitening Dentist

Over the years our teeth can take a beating, figuratively speaking. From the enjoyment of different beverages and foods to other activities, our teeth may not look as good as we would like them to, from gaps between teeth to discoloration and more. There are several different cosmetic dentistry options that you can look at, from professional teeth whitening options to cosmetic bonding, implants, and other options. Teeth whitening services are some of the most common requests, and we can provide you with the right services to make a difference safely.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Root Canal, Root Canal and Crown, Tooth Implant, & Emergency Tooth Extraction in Seattle, WA

Root Canal, Root Canal and Crown, Tooth Implant, & Emergency Tooth Extraction

When your teeth are hurting, it can keep you from enjoying life. There may be times when a root canal is needed because the tooth or root (or both) are diseased or damaged, and this is a preferred option over a tooth extraction because it maintains your original tooth. If your teeth are heavily repaired or damaged, a crown might be the right solution rather than trying to piece the tooth back together. Tooth implants are an option with extracted teeth when other options, like a bridge, aren’t desired or feasible. There are many options to consider for your situation, and we’ll help you choose the best one for your situation.

Root Canal Dental Implants

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Logging was Seattle’s first major industry, but by the late 19th century the city had become a commercial and shipbuilding center as a gateway to Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush. Beginning in the 1980s, the Seattle area developed into a technology center; Microsoft established its headquarters in the region. In 1994, Internet retailer Amazon was founded in Seattle, and Alaska Airlines is based in SeaTac, Washington, serving Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, Seattle’s international airport. Seattle includes areas such as Ballard, Fremont, Greenwood, and Northgate near where our office is located.

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  • Professional Quality Service

    I’ve been going to Seattle Family Dentistry for 2 years. Each time I’ve been impressed by their professionalism and friendliness. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a new dentist.

    - Kim B -

  • Always friendly and informative

    The drs and staff are friendly and know what they are doing. So many dentists want to sell you this and that and are very pushy about it. Seattle Family Dentistry informs you what they think should be done but leaves it up to you to decide. No pressure at ...

    - Marc L -

  • Excellent Dentist and Staff

    Super friendly staff, knowledgeable Docs. that take the time to provide both preventative and long-term solutions to your oral healthcare needs! Not to mention if your afraid of the chair, they constantly ask how your doing and adjust their techniques accordingly if your are experiencing pain. Very thoughtful and professional. ...

    - Todd B -


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