Cosmetic Dentistry in Ballard WA, Freemont WA, Greenwood WA, Seattle and Surrounding Areas

I first saw the impact of cosmetic dentistry on a TV Reality Show where brides were chosen to appear for this program.  Broken, skew, discolored or otherwise ugly teeth were repaired.  The transformation was dramatic!  The bride’s smiled with confidence!  So, if you want a new smile contact the Seattle’s Family Dentistry. The provide cosmetic dentistry for the people of Ballard WA, Broadview WA, Freemont WA, Greenwood WA, Northgate WA, Seattle.

Tested and tried modern cosmetic dentistry techniques include the following:

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry in Ballard WA, Freemont WA, Greenwood WA, SeattleThis uses various methods and requires a bit of time; tooth sensitivity and cost need to be considered.

Dental Implants

These metal posts are a good way to replace missing teeth and are artificially attached into the jawbone. They are a bit pricey but look more like natural teeth than dentures.

Cosmetic Bonding

This is used to rebuild chips and fill in gaps with a resin that can be coloured to match the surrounding teeth. It bonds with the tooth surface and is hardened using an ultra-violet light.  This option is cheaper, looks natural and improves tooth shape.  The down side is that it may need replacement due to wear and tear, so some people prefer a long-term solution like crowning, bridging or veneers.  Your dentist can advise the best way to go.


Dentists repair decayed and fractured teeth using crowns or “caps “The broken part is removed, and a crown mold is made of gold or porcelain to fit the healthy part using a type of cement.


These replace one or more missing teeth. The teeth are prepared on both sides to receive crowns, with a false tooth in the middle, and everything is cemented. These are better than dentures.

Porcelain Veneers

These crafted veneers are fitted over the front of the tooth bonding with the existing tooth, giving a radiant new look!

If you want a beautiful smile cosmetic dentistry can help restore you smile and your confidence.

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