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Kids and Family Dentistry in Northgate, Serving Seattle, Greenwood, Ballard, Fremont, Shoreline, WA, & Surrounding Areas

Seattle’s Family dentistry is convenient for making sure everyone’s oral health is regularly maintained without visiting additional dental practices. Dr. Goraya of Seattle’s Family Dentistry excels in treating the entire family. Families from neighborhoods like Seattle, Greenwood, Ballard, Fremont, Shoreline, and Northgate come to Dr. Goraya for comprehensive dental care.

Kids Dentist – Pediatric Family Dentistry

Seattle’s Family Dentistry is able to provide the comprehensive services that families get from a kids dentist – for example, sealants that protect teeth over time, fluoride treatments and care for baby teeth that will be replaced by permanent adult teeth later in life. There’s also the process of evaluating young patients for any tooth or gum related issues as they grow.

Adult Dental Patients

As our patients grow, they benefit from regular teeth cleanings and preventative maintenance. Some may need extra care with the gums and teeth; some may need cosmetic dentistry, such as restoration or tooth chipping fixes, and others want teeth whitening or additional cosmetic services.

As patients get older, they may need fillings, or even root canals, if teeth decay and become compromised over time. Dr. Goraya knows how to spot the small problems and fix them, to prevent big problems later on. If you do have big problems and require work from an emergency dentist, Seattle’s Family Dentistry can fit you into the schedule and help you get relief! Because we treat the family, children and adults get to share their time at the dentist and kids develop trust for the practitioner that their parents use.

Senior Patients

Another aspect of family dentistry is dealing with aging family members. In some cases, dental implants or dentures may be necessary. Teeth wear down and decay as we age, so it’s important to have a dentist who can work with an older patient and provide advice for those long-term fixes that will protect the patient’s health and longevity.

Dr. Goraya of Seattle’s Family Dentistry is very familiar with the special needs of adults over 65. Good oral hygiene can become challenging as the body changes with age and other conditions develop. You will be advised on the best workaround to continue with oral care at home, and as with all of our patients, oral cancer screening will be done on a regular basis.

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