Cosmetic Dentistry in Seattle, Shoreline, WA, Ballard, WA, Greenwood, WA, and Surrounding Areas

Earlier, people used to visit their dentists usually for a regular check-up, to treat cavity issues, or extract a tooth; but these days dentistry has progressed a lot. With the onset of cosmetic dentistry, people frequent their dentist more now. This line of dentistry has made people realize the power of a good smile. Seattle’s Family Dentistry provides services like teeth cleaning, dental implants, teeth whitening, root canal, and various other cosmetic services. From tending to gradual discoloration of teeth with time to rebuilding chips and filling in the gaps between the teeth, Dr. Goraya offers solutions for all her patients. She has enhanced the self-esteem and appearances of all her patients. The people of Seattle, Shoreline, Northgate, WA, Fremont, WA, Ballard, WA, Greenwood, and WA have regained their confidence after repairing the damages caused to their teeth by food stains, tooth clips, or other blemishes. The people keep coming back to us as they trust us with our state-of-art materials and new and improved dental techniques.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Seattle, Shoreline, WA, Ballard, WA, Greenwood, WA, and Surrounding Areas

Below we have mentioned 2 basic reasons why cosmetic dentistry is gaining popularity. Take a look.

  • Advancements in dental technology

With the ever-changing and evolving technologies, more and more cosmetic treatments have paved their way from painless injections to cosmetic dental works. These procedures have become more accessible to people these days in the last decade.


  • Increased tooth retention

Studies have shown that as people are becoming more conscious of their looks and well-being, they are retaining more of their teeth. In order to keep up a younger look and healthier smile, patients go for various forms of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

So, if you or your family member is looking for a professional cosmetic surgeon for your dental problems, you can get in touch with us at 206-887-9478.

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