Family Dentistry and Kids Dentist in Ballard WA, Freemont WA, Seattle and Nearby Cities

Choosing a dentist for your family needs can be stressful so why not eliminate this and choose the Seattle’s Family Dentistry.  They service a large area and provide family dentistry throughout Ballard WA, Broadview WA, Freemont WA, Greenwood WA, Northgate WA, Seattle.

They use the latest dental technology for your Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Root Canal, Teeth Cleaning, Teeth Whitening and Tooth Implant Service. This is an important factor when considering who to use as your family dentist.

Family Dentistry and Kids Dentist in Ballard WA, Freemont WA, SeattleFamily dentistry focuses on primary and preventative care. Primary care starts with Digital X-rays which saves you money as early detection shows

  • Internal tooth decay
    • Cysts (fluid filled sacks at the base of your teeth)
    • Tumors, both cancerous and non-cancerous
    • Impacted teeth
    • Teeth that are still coming in

This is preferred over film X-rays as exposure to radiation is limited.  This method also helps speed up discussion between patient and dentist and shows immediate images which are sharp and detailed. Retakes are also immediate.

An intra-oral camera gives the patient a view of what the dentist sees. This tool is nifty and the size of a toothbrush showing the patient any external problems like broken fillings and decay.

Ultrasonic Scalers are cleaners that create tiny bubbles that implode on the tooth surface killing germs and removing unwanted plaque and tartar.  This pencil like instrument moves easily in the mouth and keeps your gums healthy, using only water.  Its gentle movement is good for sensitive teeth.  The tooth enamel is not damaged.  The pressure and scraping sensation used during the old scaling model is gone leaving you feeling comfortable.  After this modern cleaning process your teeth are hand checked for any residual deposits and polished

When it comes to family dentistry you want a dentist that used modern technology. We cater for the needs of your children and eliminate unnecessary trauma by using the best that money can buy. Contact the Seattle’s Family Dentistry!

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